Posts to our List Server in the Last Twelve Months

List name & Subscribers Posts R% W%
b***20 976.822.77
ces-council28 221.550.88
clug73 533.725.53
c******13 493.440.91
fse-gb-cp57 151.051.22
fse-gb-ip25 181.260.64
fse-gb-leaders85 735.138.87
fse-gb-rovers102 745.2010.79
fse-gb-wpp55 604.224.72
g***28 49134.5019.65
hisimp-chat208 1047.3130.92
knights-of-ni10 90.630.13
m***30 342.391.46
p***31 19713.848.73
san-dot-com17 322.250.78
s*****14 926.471.84
u********40 30.210.17
   The table on the left is a count of total postings made to each list hosted on our list server in the last twelve months (omitting a few low volume private lists). Some lists are not publically advertised so they are listed by the first letter only followed by asterisks.

The two "%" columns are:
  1. the percentage of postings to the server which were to that list
  1. the weighted percentage i.e. the percentage of postings sent by the server on behalf of the list - so lists with fewer subscribers have a lower weighted percentage
Here's the raw and then the weighted percentages as pie charts: